Why Zapply ?

Zapply = Zap + Apply.

As parents who have experienced the challenges of:
  • finding a list of appropriate schools for our child
  • finding the dates of when the applications are sold
  • standing for hours in the hot sun in multiple long queues to buy the forms
  • filling up multiple forms with the same details
  • going to multiple schools to submit the forms
  • waiting for days without any update from the school
  • not being able to go out of station, worried there may be a call for an interview
  • not knowing what to expect for the interview
  • having the interview scheduled at short notice at very inconvenient dates
  • waiting for final selection/rejection
  • having to follow up multiple times with the school office for updates on interview results
  • not knowing the reason for rejection
  • not knowing if any schools still have open seats(when faced with rejection from 1st preference schools)
We wanted to build Zapply.in to address these pain points.